Temperature Scanning Kiosk

Contactless kiosk solutions suitable for businesses of all sizes.

We’re proud to introduce a no-contact temperature scanning kiosk built for both employees and guests. Once set up in the entryway or at the reception desk of your office, school, hospital, or other public space, the temperature scanner will allow you to control who has access to your space after a quick face scan. Get in touch for a consultation and our team will help find the perfect kiosk solution for your business.

Realtime Temperature Check

Our kiosks are capable of taking a user's temperature in under 2 seconds from up to 3 feet away. Business can set their own thresholds in accordance with company guidelines and even send email alerts to registered users. Kiosks also provides verbal warnings or success messages and instructions for users, providing a safe, no-contact option to provide your employees and customers with peace of mind when visiting your business.

Custom Facial Recognition Settings

Customizable facial recognition allows for registered users like employees, frequent customers, and suppliers to be logged quickly and securely. Guests and registered user's temperature and information can be logged in a secure database.

Secure Database

A secure database can keep track of registered users and guests to help make record keeping and contact tracing secure. The encrypted SQL database allows for univeral access to data including: name, ID, date, time, temperature, and CDC questions.

Office Integrations

Available kiosks can also integrate with other office solutions, ranging from printers to email alerts, to help your contactless solution smoothly operate with your other office systems. Smart Pass connection allows for kiosks to check users at unattended entrances and allow entrance to users within the temperature threshold automatically. Temporary pass printing is also available with Brother QL800/QL820 and Zebra printer solutions. End of day reports and automatic email notification features are also available.

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