Data Security

Protect your most valuable assets with data security.

Why is data security important?

Federal mandates require organizations — no matter how small — to protect consumer, financial, and medical information. More than ever, the government is taking a stance on information security and data privacy. A company that loses private third-party information to unauthorized entities will face steep fines and criminal penalties — along with a loss of reputation and trust among its customers.

How can POA help?

We offer data protection solutions tailored to meet security and compliance concerns of health care organizations, financial institutions, professional services firms, and government and nonprofit agencies. Whether an organization is concerned about network intrusion, data theft, or compliance with data protection laws, Pacific Office Automation has a solution to secure information in the workflow chain, including password protection to open documents, data encryption, and automatic deletion. We can also implement a data security manager that oversees user activity to minimize data breach threats.

Security can't wait

As technology evolves, hackers’ tactics improve and the chances of a data breach increases. That’s why your data security software needs to be stronger than ever. Pacific Office Automation takes data protection seriously, working with each of our customers to identify their unique security needs and come up with a customized data security solution. Our trusted partners never stop working to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of data and computer protection.

Worried about workplace safety and hardware protection? Our range of security cameras by Verkada can keep you protected and alerted, even on-the-go. Pacific Office will work diligently to protect your data and office so you can focus on your business operation with added peace of mind.

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