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How can POA save you money?

The costs associated with print services, faxes, copy machines, and MFPs can quickly add up to more than expected. This is because most organizations don’t have an accurate way of tracking just how much they’re spending. Our print track and control solutions minimize these costs by implementing digital print solutions and monitoring the use of this equipment to see where performance changes can be made. Whether you have multiple high-volume printers in Portland or a network of MFP laser printers in Albuquerque, POA’s managed print services give you the tools to make smart printing choices.

How does it work?

A print control function eliminates unnecessary printing by deleting duplicate or abandoned print jobs from the queue. It also saves money by intuitively avoiding printing with high-cost devices, such as ensuring that emails are not inadvertently sent to your color laser printer. Using innovative technology, it’s easy to track printing jobs by user, printer and copier, or application.

Improve your security.

Why is data security important? As an invaluable tool for law firmsmedical offices, or other professional service organizations trusted with confidential data, managed print and control creates a digital record of all printed documents, which offers another layer of information security. With a managed printer service, users have the power to decide what can be printed to your commercial printer and by whom, through passwords or other authentications.

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