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Why Your Business Should Consider Data Encryption

July 28, 2021

Even with standard data security solutions in place, did you know that hackers can still access your sensitive information? If you haven’t already, take your organization’s security to the next level with data encryption. The last line of defense against even the most savviest hackers. Continue reading to learn about the critical importance of encrypting confidential information.

To start, let’s define encryption. In its simplest form, encryption is that process of translating information into a code. When we’re relating it to companies, the process becomes more complicated because there is much more data. In its essence, however, you’re still translating your data into an encrypted code.

For small businesses in particular, setting up and maintaining a system for data encryption can be time consuming and expensive. However, taking a proactive approach to security is much better than being vulnerable to hackers in the long run.

Think of it as locking your doors at home to prevent intruders. You would never think twice about leaving doors open, so ‘locking up’ your digital information shouldn’t be any different.

Data encryption can be used for a wide variety of functions across your company. As a first step, you should ensure that all communication channels are encrypted. That way, if employees discuss sensitive information over email, you can be more confident that it won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Depending on your situation, the following can also all be encrypted:

  • Hard drives
  • Cloud storage
  • External drives
  • Internet traffic
  • Passwords

The more data protection you have across the board, the better. Whether you own a small business, a law firm, or anything in between, no organization is too small for this security measure. Contact Pacific Office Automation today to learn how we can help your business establish or improve your system for data encryption.

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