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Why Your Business Should Choose VOIP Over Landline Phone Services

October 30, 2017

How many phone calls do your employees typically make in a day? If they’re not already using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, there’s no better time than now to make the switch from landlines. VoIP uses Internet bandwidth rather than wires to transfer sound and communication more efficiently. Let’s see why this system is so beneficial for businesses:


VoIP service gives your business the ability to assign or rearrange phone numbers as they’re needed. Instead of estimating the number of landlines you’ll need, you’ll be able to add phone lines as soon as new employees start. And, if someone leaves, you can easily remove their line or transfer it to another employee.

Easy Installation & Maintainence

The only hardware required for a VoIP system is the phone itself. The system works through a web portal for easy setup, configuration, and maintenance. Even if your small business doesn’t have dedicated IT management, the system is simple enough that anyone in your office could install and manage it. Leading manufacturers, like Polycom, offer a wide variety of phone options compatible with VoIP service depending on your business needs.

Conference Call Capability

In today’s connected world, it’s crucial that cross-functional teams can communicate seamlessly, no matter where in the world each member is located. Forget the limiting format of a one-on-one phone conversation. VoIP phones allow teams to hold voice or video conference calls to work together in real-time.

Seamless Integration

VoIP systems work over the Internet, which makes it much easier for your business to connect them to the rest of your existing applications. For example, VoIP phones can work with your email client to receive and transcribe voicemail messages, a feature that can help many busy professionals improve workflow.

Overall Cost Savings

On a traditional landline, you’re charged by each minute you’re using the phone. Long distance phone calls cost even more. Many businesses today have employees scattered across cities and countries, so those costs can add up fast. VoIP systems only use the Internet; you won’t pay anything more on top of your monthly Internet fee.

Ask About Our VoIP Services

Our mission at Pacific Office Automation is to help you improve your workflow through professional services like VoIP. From Seattle to Portland and down the West Coast, our experts are available to answer your questions and provide the right solutions for your business. Contact your nearby POA office to learn more about Polycom phones and VoIP service for your business.

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