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Why Having Social Connections at Work is So Important

December 11, 2017

Think back to previous jobs you’ve held; which was the most memorable? Chances are, it’s not the one where you made the most money or had the most prominence. More likely, it’s those in which you made lifelong connections and friends. Agree with us? Let’s take a closer look at why office friendships are so important.

The Happiness Factor

Whether we want to admit it or not, most of us spend the majority of our waking hours at work or doing work-related activities. While the lines between work and life continue to blur, we can choose to resist and dread each work day or enjoy the bright minds and connections available around us.

And, the numbers don’t lie: according to a LinkedIn study, 46% of professionals around the world look to work friends as a crucial part of their happiness. One way to foster these relationships? Take small teams out of the office once in a while to do something that everyone can participate in and enjoy.

Professional & Personal Support

Think about all the interactions you have in a typical work day. While several of those might be with your manager or customers, you will also spend a lot of time talking and connecting with those colleagues you’re closest with. For millennials especially, these teammates often become close confidants.

Because we spend much of each week at the office, the relationships we form at work serve as a source of support in both professional and personal aspects of our lives. With this support, many find increased motivation to be more productive during the day and to seek recognition for their performance.

Mentors & Lifelong Friends

In addition to having friends at work, many sustain those relationships even after moving on to a new position. Managers or those in senior positions can become mentors in your career to help you find a path toward success. And, because we’re all connected on social media, it can be easy to stay in contact with the friends you made at previous jobs.

At Pacific Office Automation, we aim to foster tight-knit teams, no matter your department or level of seniority. With several opportunities for community involvement and team building outside the office, our employees build strong friendships, many of which they hold on to for life. If you’re seeking a supportive work environment, explore our career opportunities and apply online today.

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