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What It Really Means for Your Office to Go Paperless

April 01, 2019

In today’s digital world, converting to a paperless office has never been easier. Instead of clunky file cabinets, company documents can be archived to digital filing systems. And, thanks to the latest printing technology, you can reduce paper consumption with smarter print tracking and management. Continue reading for tips you can take to convert to a paperless office.

Set an Example

Did you know that a leading reason teams and office departments don’t go paperless is because they don’t know where or how to begin? As a company leader, set an example in your own day-to-day by following paper-saving steps and publicizing the wider company effort to move toward a paperless office.

If you’re having trouble getting employees to buy-in, consider an incentive system with timelines and goals to reward those teams that do best in going paperless.

Consolidate Paperwork and Documents

Once you’ve gotten the office on board for going paperless, it’s time to decide what to convert to digital and what to dispose of entirely. Task each department with reviewing all its documents to identify outdated paperwork that’s no longer relevant to the business.

As stated above, set a deadline for each department to have paperwork either shredded or ready to be scanned into a document management system.

Choose Software and Equipment

Once you have a better idea of how many files and documents need to be converted to digital, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether you need to upgrade your office equipment or document management software.

Start with a Partner

Don’t get stuck just because you don’t know where to begin with going paperless. Office solutions providers make that work easy. From providing top-of-the-line equipment to recommending paper-saving software, this partner makes it their goal to improve your office processes wherever they can.

At Pacific Office Automation, we take pride in the customized solutions we create for each of our customers. We’ll help you go paperless with our full suite of office solutions. Explore our offerings today!

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