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Positive Work Culture: The Importance of Mentors at Work

July 26, 2016

Mentoring is a time-honored tradition as old as the Greeks. In fact, Mentor was the name of one of Odysseus's most trusted advisors who "mentored" his son. There's a reason that mentoring has remained an essential tool for many of the most successful people: It works!

An extensive study of youth, academic, and workplace mentoring programs found a number of proven benefits of mentors, including:

  • Improved self-confidence
  • Reduced stress
  • Stronger interpersonal skills
  • Greater motivation to take risks, set goals, and realize outcomes

For this reason, many companies implement a formal mentoring program as a means to foster a positive work culture, increase employee retention, and develop the next generation of leaders. However, if your company does not have a formal mentoring process, finding a mentor on your own can help you get a better perspective on the industry, insight into workplace issues and challenges, advice and guidance about a career path, and even new job opportunities

When choosing a mentor, it is important to find someone whose job, leadership, and reputation you admire and want to emulate. Choose someone who is in your department of choice or within the same industry who might be able to guide you on your career path.

Once you have identified a potential mentor, ask him or her in person, making sure to establish parameters about how often you two will meet and communicate. Keep the relationship professional, and always come to each meeting with objectives, questions, and discussion topics. Consider offering up any help or skills to your mentor as a way to reciprocate.

Mentoring employees is a key piece of our company culture at Pacific Office Automation. We believe that investing time and energy into employees promotes leadership, productivity, and a good working environment for everyone. We aim to be a long-term employer and provide opportunities for our employees to reach their career goals. Contact us today to find out about exciting career opportunities at Pacific Office Automation.

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