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How to Identify Pain Points in Your Office Workflow

December 10, 2018

Look around your office. Have teams been following the same set of processes for as long as you can remember? While it might look like a well-oiled machine from the outside, every business has its share of pain points and workflow bottlenecks. Continue reading to find out how to identify and remedy these office pain points.

Conduct a Workflow Audit

Those words might sound scary, but all they mean is to take a look at the workflow procedures and processes across all teams in the office, document what’s working and what’s not, and begin taking action where inefficiencies lie. Our workflow audit might look at the following processes:


  • Prospecting & Closing
  • Contract writing and approval
  • New customer onboarding


  • Server setup and maintenance
  • Employee workstation setup
  • Security monitoring


Where are the Inefficiencies?

Once you’ve noted processes from all teams, take a deeper dive into each one to find out if there are any inefficient processes, and where. Are employees spending too much time communicating back and forth with customers via email? Could HR find more efficient ways to reach potential candidates? Is IT workflow slowing down other teams? These are just a few of the questions you might begin to ask as you evaluate workflows.

Communicate & Collaborate on Solutions

The final and most important step in the process of identifying workflow bottlenecks is to include employees on the improvement process. Meet with teams and managers to understand their pain points and collaborate on solutions that will benefit both individuals and the company as a whole. Perhaps this means a major change like investing in software tools that improve workflows or a simple reduction in meeting times and frequencies.

Here at Pacific Office Automation, we work with a variety of businesses and offices to help improve your workflows. Contact us today to find out about our full suite of office solutions to move your business forward.

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