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How to Go Paperless in the Office

July 31, 2017

In an age when most people work from computers and mobile devices, it’s curious that companies still use so much paper. While your office probably can’t go 100% paperless overnight, there are several steps to take that will help you cut down on paper consumption, whether you have a large or small business.

First, encourage employees to collaborate and share documents digitally, only printing a finalized copy instead of several drafts. Applications like Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365 offer user-friendly features for easy real-time collaborating and sharing.

If you need to archive old documents, consider a scanner to convert paper documents to digital files. That way, you can better protect and keep track of important information. Or, instead of separate machines, invest in a multifunction printer that offers printing, copying, faxing, and scanning capabilities all in one. You’ll be able to save space and pay better attention to usage through one central machine.

When you pair your machine with managed print services, you’ll be able to track printer usage for greater efficiency. This software solution can eliminate duplicate jobs and report on your organization’s printing costs, helping to streamline printing and save you paper and money.

Eliminate physical signatures on documents. Instead, if documents don’t require printing, opt for electronic signatures on PDF forms that can be shared over email and filed away.

Finally, don’t forget to place recycling bins around the office. Even just recycling a few pieces of paper per day can add up. When the general office culture advocates for recycling, more employees will be likely to take up the habit.

At Pacific Office Automation, we’re committed to sustainability in our offices. From recycling ink cartridges to offering ENERGY STAR-compliant office machines, we aim to improve our communities through environmental stewardship. Contact us today for customized solutions to help your office go paperless.

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