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How to Be Your Own Print Shop

October 16, 2017

To properly promote your company, you’ll likely create a variety of high-quality marketing materials to showcase your brand. You might also send out direct mail to customers. Many small businesses believe this task is better off outsourced, but what if we told you this printing can be done in-house, at a fraction of the cost of a print shop?

Invest in a High-Quality Printer

A wide format printer offers the capabilities and speed once only achievable through a print shop. You’ll be able to print professional posters for your next big event, photos, presentations, and more. Plus, it’ll all be in full-color, matching the exact specifications of your brand.

Like large format printers, production printers provide unmatched color quality and output capabilities, rivaling that of professional printers. Many also come standard with simple setup and automated production, allowing your business to increase overall efficiency.

Print Shop Production Software

Advanced printing technology can make even the most amateur printers feel like they’re running a working print shop. Businesses can use print shop production software to create polished marketing materials at significantly lower costs.

Some popular examples for business include:

Benefits of Printing In-House

Print shops offer specialization you might not be able to get in your own business. However, we like to think that moving this function in-house provides some pretty compelling benefits:

  • Brand color consistency
  • No additional markup on finishing options, like cutting and binding
  • Standard workflows that allow any employee to print company materials
  • Print materials when they’re needed
  • Control the release of sensitive company information
  • Cut paper waste and overall costs

At Pacific Office Automation, we want to help your business do more with less. The latest technological advances in printing now offer businesses of all sizes the ability to produce materials of superior quality. Contact our graphic system specialists when you’re ready to take your business to the next level by bringing print production in-house.

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