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Positive Work Culture: 5 Ways to Enable Your Employees for Success

August 16, 2016

Managing employees is about more than delegating tasks; it's about fostering a positive work environment. Happy employees are more productive and successful, and they are more likely to stay with a company long-term. Gone are the days when people rode out a job they hated into retirement, as millennials in particular can be prone to frequent job changes. To get the best work out of your employees and to retain talent, it is imperative to engage your staff and improve office culture. Here are 5 ways to empower employees:

1. Be clear. When employees have an unequivocal understanding of the company's goals and their role in achieving them, they can do their job with confidence and pride. Be transparent and accessible to your employees so they feel like part of your organization's overall success.

2. Encourage decision-making. This can be one of the hardest leaps for managers because it requires a great deal of trust. You must trust that your staff has the skills and knowledge to make the right decisions, and your employees need to know that making mistakes is OK, as long as they learn from them.

3. Show employees you value them. Make sure to reward people when they do good work and to have constructive discussions with them when their work needs improvement. Frequent feedback is one of the hallmarks of employee engagement because it provides mutual accountability.

4. Promote collaboration. Some of the best ideas come from conversations in the break room. If you create an environment where information is shared, it will raise collective awareness and encourage innovative thinking. It is especially important to encourage interaction across departments, so gather your employees regularly for brainstorming meetings, lunches, and off-site events.

5. Foster learning. Encourage continuing education, skill-building, and other opportunities for professional growth and development. Be sure to check in with employees during reviews and feedback sessions to find out if there are classes or seminars they would like to attend.

At Pacific Office Automation, employee engagement is one of the hallmarks of our corporate mission. We offer people careers, not just jobs, and we foster an environment of collaboration, growth, and success. For more information about career opportunities at POA, contact us today.

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