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Are You Spending Too Much on Printing?

June 03, 2019

With different departments using multiple machines across the office, printing costs can add up, not to mention become difficult to track and rein in. We’re here to help you identify where your printing can be optimized to help reduce costs for your business.

Energy Inefficient Machines

If you’ve been using outdated machines, it’s possible that your printers aren’t ENERGYSTAR-certified. This not only means that your printers and copiers are sucking up more energy, but those energy costs are going to be much higher.

Check for an ENERGYSTAR sticker somewhere on the machine. Not finding it? Ask us or consider upgrading to a more energy efficient option.

Little to No Office Printing Policies

An easy way to rein in print costs is to implement a few guidelines for printing in the office. Change machine defaults to print in black & white ink to prevent color ink from being used carelessly. Encourage employees to collaborate on and share documents digitally via cloud software and to print final drafts only if needed.

Unmanaged Print Activity

Without an established print tracking system, it’s much harder for an IT team to identify areas where they can increase efficiency and reduce costs. A print management system can prevent wasteful duplicate jobs and conserve paper and ink with technology that monitors activity and lets you know where you can improve.

Reduce Printing Costs with POA

An office solutions partner can provide custom-tailored solutions to help your business reduce costs and improve workflows across the office. Our team of experts will work alongside you to find the best set of solutions to move your business forward. Contact us today to learn more about our full suite of office solutions!

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