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5 Ways to Be More Productive at Work

January 23, 2017

Are you constantly running up against deadlines? Feel like your to-do list is longer while your days get shorter? Productivity needn’t be a pie-in-the-sky concept reserved for workaholics or superheroes. Taking a deliberate approach to your time management can help you achieve more in less time. Here are 5 strategies for how to be more productive at work:

1. Set time limits.

Schedule 90-minute chunks to work on specific tasks. (Some studies suggest that productivity can decline after 90 minutes.) When you know you only have a set amount of time to complete a task, you become more productive. Schedule a smaller time slot for dreaded tasks. Tell yourself, “I will work on this for 20 minutes and then move on.” Chances are, you’ll get in a groove and spend more time completing the task.

2. Schedule out your day.

Set a window of time to respond to emails, return phone calls, or check the news. Reacting to interruptions as they come your way can seriously hamper productivity and take you down a rabbit hole of lost hours. Try your best to stick to the schedule you’ve set unless there is an emergency that needs to be handled immediately.

3. Break down tasks and set your own deadlines.

When faced with large or open-ended projects, focusing on the big picture can be overwhelming and take you in too many different directions. Instead, break down projects by task and give yourself a deadline to finish them.

4. Identify your most productive time and tackle the hardest tasks then.

Too often, people start their day checking their email, which is a waste of morning productivity and can dictate how the rest of the day goes. Save that for a mid-afternoon lull or the commute home.

5. Give your brain a break.

Without regular rest periods, performance and workplace productivity go down. Get enough sleep, exercise, and get up from your desk for a quick walk around the office or around the block. You will come back re-energized and ready to get to work. If you are a manager, encourage breaks or even hold meetings outside during a walk to increase employee productivity.

At Pacific Office Automation, we offer our clients custom workflow solutions that maximize productivity. Improved workflows and efficiency combined with highly satisfied employees is a recipe for a company’s success. Contact us today to find out more about our services and to sign up for a free workflow analysis.

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