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5 Things You Can Do to Reduce Security Risks on Company Cell Phones

November 29, 2017

Smartphones and other mobile devices allow working professionals to connect anytime, anywhere. However, there are serious mobile security risks that can put information in danger if devices are not properly protected. Here are a few useful tips to stay proactive with data security.

Educate About Public Wi-Fi networks

Many professionals who work while traveling take advantage of free public wi-fi networks, such as in coffeeshops and airports. While convenient, these are also much easier to anyone to drop in on data that’s being sent or received. Discourage employees from working with confidential information while connected to public networks.

Set Restrictions for Apps & Sites

Set the expectation up front that company-provided cell phones are for work only. Provide a list of applications and websites that employees can and cannot use. By restricting usage to trusted sites only, you can reduce instances of rogue security scares.

Set Passwords or PINs

Setting a password or PIN on each company-owned mobile device is the easiest way to prevent outsiders from stealing information. Many smartphones also provide the option of automatically wiping the device if the wrong password is used too many times.

Use Encryption

Beyond password protection, data encryption provides another layer of security for company cell phones, especially through email servers, which can be easier to breach. By translating the information on company devices into code, it will be much harder for that data to be stolen and used.

Set up Remote-wipe capability

Work with your company’s IT managers to ensure all company phones can be wiped remotely in case they’re lost or stolen. That way, you can have added peace of mind when employees work from the road.

Ask us About Your Mobile Security

At Pacific Office Automation, our data security experts partner with your organization to come up with solutions that work for your needs. Visit our website to learn more about our suite of office solutions, and give us a call at (888) 896.9029 to set up a consultation.

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