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Pacific Office Automation

Panasonic Panasonic UB-5338C

Interactive Whiteboards

Panaboard Overlayer Software allows you to utilize a projector to display information from your PC onto the whiteboard, while allowing you to write notes on the board. When the meetings finished, you can save these handwritten notes from the electronic whiteboard to your PC, which can then be merged with the projected image displayed from your PC as a PDF/JPEG file. Documents created with Panaboard Overlayer Software can then be easily distributed to all meeting participants, eliminating the need for handwritten notes.

  • Display: 1.8" Color LCD
  • Panel Dimensions (H x W): 838 x 1,378 mm (33.0 x 54.2 in)
  • Panel Surface: 2 (endless scroll type)
  • Scanning System: Contact Image Sensors
  • Scanning Modes: Color / Black and White
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