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Ricoh Ricoh Reactiv STAGE

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With Reactiv STAGE, you can open any file natively — including Word®, PowerPoint®, Excel®, mp4, PDF, JPEG, GIF and more. Simply add files to your presentation timeline from any application before your meeting and open them on demand. It’s easy to turn pages and zoom in/out to show further details. You can even arrange and compare any number of documents, files and videos with Reactiv’s powerful layout tool. Use your finger to drag files from your timeline — located at the bottom of your RICOH Interactive Flat Panel Display screen — into the display area, then press the Compare button to quickly arrange them for easy viewing. Have guests that need to present? No problem. Visitors can easily present by plugging in a thumb drive with their files and using USB mode.

  • Simplify meeting preparation — combine multiple file types into a single presentation timeline
  • Create interactive presentations with drag-and-drop functionality, annotations, videos and more
  • Save time, improve collaboration and enhance team efficiencies
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