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Ricoh Ricoh InfoPrint XT

Software Solutions

InfoPrint® XT v3.3 can deliver output flexibility by allowing you to easily transform LCDS/Metacode datastreams into an open, industry-standard format: Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™). When you use AFP, you can print to high-speed, reliable AFP/Intelligent Printer Data Stream™ (IPDS™) devices. You can print to cutsheet devices to retain control over options such as tray selection. Or, you can move Xerox applications to print on continuous feed printers that typically offer a lower total cost of operation (TCO) than cutsheet devices.  

  • Migrate legacy Xerox applications so you can manage information effortlessly
  • Modernize your business communications
  • Streamline printing to minimize downtime and delays
  • Transform Xerox resources rapidly and accurately
  • Gain comprehensive convert-and-report capabilities
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