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DocuWare DocuWare Releases Version 7.2

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DocuWare recently released DocuWare version 7.2, the latest version of its flagship document management and workflow software. Highlights include an enhanced Workflow Designer, easier viewing and archiving of documents, parallel keyword assignment, stamp optimization, and simplified configuration set up. 

• Workflow Designer, which is an easy-to-use tool to build simplified to complex digital workflow processes in DocuWare, has new options to reduce manual touch and increase trackability of workflows. For instance, there is now a “wait for event” option that allows users to configure in advance but delay a workflow until related documents are processed. 
• The DocuWare Viewer can now display e-invoices in XML format, just like PDF invoices, making invoice processing even simpler and more transparent.
• If you have ten documents or a hundred documents that you need to add a keyword to, you can do so in one shot. Enriched keyword fields accept multi-keyword indexes with ability to affect multiple documents in parallel. 
• Stamps add information to a document without changing its content and identify which process steps have been completed. Stamps are integrated directly into DocuWare Configuration in a new, intuitive design, eliminating extra steps and offering massive time-savings for those configuring or administering DocuWare. Also, users can configure workflows to choose which fields are transferred to a stamp. This way, only relevant information is stamped on a document.
• DocuWare Request, used to collect documents in a secure and standalone digital file cabinet, and Connect to Mail, the easy integration of DocuWare and an email client, also have completely new designs for easier configuration and system administration.

The new version is available in both cloud and on-premises; both set ups offer identical functionalities. Click here to read about all the new features.
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