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Océ PlotWave 900 Monochrome Scanner


High-speed 36\" wide format scanner provides commercial grade quality with virtually no manual adjustments. A breakthrough in speed and productivity. High productivity in a busy production environment. The scanning speed of the hardware and the combination of software enablers virtually eliminate post-processing. Oc\u00E9 Image Logic\u00AE ensures clean, crisp scan quality even from the poorest quality originals. And Oc\u00E9 Scan Logic\u00AE manages the resulting scanned images in terms of file formats and destinations. Using Oc\u00E9 Scan Logic\u00AE, you can scan to 10 different programmable destinations, scan to the worldwide web using FTP, scan to a network directory for central archiving and document control, or scan to the controller of the Oc\u00E9 PlotWave 900 printer for copying and printing applications. This eliminates multiple manual steps at multiple desktops to manage the scanned information. Output digital files in any one of these universally standard file formats: PDF, PDF multipage, PDF/A, PDF/A multipage, TIFF, TIFF multipage or CALS. This ensures that your scanned images can be stored and printed in virtually any CAD application program, within virtually any network environment.
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