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VarioPrint 135

Production, Black & White

The Oce VarioPrint 135 from the Digital Press line is at the top of its class for black and white printers. Oce is one of the most respected names in document imaging because of their dedication to state of the art office technology. Because the Oce VarioPrint 135 is based on new Oce DirectPress office technology, it is able to print consistently high quality images on a wide range of paper types without producing any ozone, which improves your workplace health substantially. The result of this DirectPress technology is that the Oce VarioPrint 135 pushes the boundaries of image consistency, user interface, systems configurability and uptime ever further.

The Oce VarioPrint 135 does all this while maintaining rock bottom costs per page, staying environmentally conscious, and expanding your functionality as a workgroup. Workflow is enhanced because of easy operation and with increased functionality your office will be able to enter into new business opportunities. By staying ecologically conscious and choosing Energy Star compliant office automation, you can also cut down on energy costs.

At Pacific Office Automation, we are committed to making sure that our customers find the perfect office solutions to maximize their workflow. We stand by our solutions by offering complimentary workflow analyses. For over thirty years, we have strived to help offices streamline business processes through workflow analyses. If you are interested in this service, simply contact our highly trained customer service representatives today. Our customer support line is available 24/7, so questions can be answered at your convenience.

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