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VarioPrint 120

Production, Black & White

The Oce VarioPrint 120 is a black and white printer that is at the height of advanced office technology. This digital press is built upon the new Oce DirectPress® Technology that provides reliable, consistent, high quality images.

With this technology, the Oce VarioPrint 120 is able to print on a wide range of paper types while producing zero ozone. With zero ozone emissions, your office environment is healthier and the environment in general benefits. The Oce VarioPrint 120 is also Energy Star compliant, which means that it takes only a few kilowatt hours per week. The Oce VarioPrint 120 is also easy to use and operate. The intuitive operation that the Oce VarioPrint 120 features lower fusing temperatures, which means that users can print on a greater variety of media including structured and textured stocks. The Oce VarioPrint 120 also simplifies the business process by reducing common multiple step processes into a single step no variable process. This means that no matter what the environment, including light, static charge, temperature, humidity, or toner mixture, your Oce VarioPrint 120 will always perform at maximum quality.

The Oce VarioPrint 120 black and white printer is an extremely quick machine that prints at 120 ipm (images per minute), with consistent sharpness, to improve workflow for your office. At Pacific Office Automation, we value process management and strive to improve workflow management through the best names in office automation. To learn more about improving your business process through technology, contact our highly trained customer support line today.

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