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DocuWare Releases Version 7.3

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DocuWare recently released DocuWare version 7.3, the latest version of its flagship document management and workflow software. The new features include two new languages (Turkish and Finnish), secure single sign on, faster web client services, expanded email archiving and configurations.

• Single sign-on gives users secure, fast and convenient one-time login access to all parts of DocuWare such Web Client, Desktop Apps, Configuration and Administration.
• DocuWare Forms have their own area for faster viewing and access.
• Filters for table fields allow entries to be filtered by index fields or other table fields. This time- and labor-saving feature can apply to any process pertaining to storage, index and workflow dialogs.
• New email archiving establishes more flexible storage guidelines. Exclude embedded images such as logos or other specially defined files from all archived emails. Store mail text and attachments as separate documents instead of a single, clipped one.
• New configurations promise higher accuracy of information and workflows. The new Barcode section allows the creation of individual barcode configurations, resulting in better document indexing and faster information retrieval. When automatic emails are sent from workflows, users now have the same format options as in the Web Client - a PDF with annotations or a PDF without annotations.

The new version is available in both cloud and on-premises; both set ups offer identical functionalities. Click here to read about all the new features.

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