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X864dhe 4

Multifunction, Black & White

Pacific Office Automation is proud to bring our customers the best, most respected names in office technology. Lexmark’s office automation is the most versatile and dependable, and among these, the Lexmark X864DHE 4 is a multifunction office machine that consistently outperforms. This black and white printer is perfect for high volume print environments. Workgroups that are looking to improve workflow and turnaround will find the Lexmark X864DHE 4 indispensable.

The Lexmark X864DHE 4 prints on a variety of different paper types, including media sizes up to 11 x 17 inches, and delivers prints and copies up to 55 ppm (pages per minute). Fax comes standard on the Lexmark X864DHE 4, along with automatic duplexing and an input capacity of 3,100. This capacity can be easily upgraded to 5,100 if your workflows demand it.

While this is a high performing printer-scanner-copier, it is also easy to use and operate. The 9-inch full color touch screen is award winning for its quick, intuitive navigation and its ability to include tailored icons and shortcuts to match specific workflows. You get easy access to document capture and previews, while running customized workflow management software.

The Lexmark X864DHE 4 also provides excellent finishing options. These include professional stapling, hole punching, offset stacking, and even booklet folding with overlap adjustment. Having these options available in your multifunction printer allows you to save time, money, and space by bringing your print jobs in-house and combining multiple functions into one convenient piece of office technology.

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