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Multifunction, Black & White

This multifunction office machine is a versatile color printer that produces amazing print quality with amazing speed. This workflow enhancing speed is made possible with the Lexmark X736DE’s powerful processor. The Lexmark X736DE’s processor is a state of the art piece of office technology that adds to the efficiency of this multifunction printer as a whole.

At Pacific Office Automation, we know how important it is to have your office automation be as user friendly as possible. With the Lexmark X736DE, every user in your organization will feel at ease accessing its many convenient functions. Adding to its convenience is the fully adjustable Lexmark e-Task 7 inch full color touch screen display, which allows users to input commands comfortably. Furthermore, the Lexmark X736DE lets you make a big impact with your images. Copying, faxing, printing, scanning, and even network printer document scanning is accomplished in vibrant, outstanding color.

Besides being a workhorse that delivers exceptional performance, the Lexmark X736DE is also light on energy use. This Energy Star compliant device uses a mere 7.22 kilowatt hours per work week, which cuts costs and helps your bottom line—all while giving the environment a hand. Every company today takes document security seriously. After all, data protection continues to be increasingly important. The innovative designers behind the Lexmark X736DE armed this machine with the most advanced enable or disable functions that make sure only authorized users are able to access your sensitive data information. For more information on how the Lexmark X736DE helps you protect documents, contact Pacific Office Automation today!

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