Automated Meter Reading

Save Time & Increase Productivity at No Cost with Automated Meters

Automated Meter Form

Automated meters are just one benefit of remote diagnostic software that enables your printers and copiers to communicate vital machine information with Pacific Office Automation. Once enabled, remote diagnostic software reports meter counts directly to POA from your multi-function devices and printers, without you having to lift a finger. Saving you time, energy, and trouble and ensuring accurate, on-time, and consistent billing.

Why Choose Automation?

  • Skip manual meter reads, increasing workforce productivity
  • Accurate, reliable billing
  • Lowest cost solution
  • Maximize uptime with pre-emptive issue reporting
  • Better (and quicker!) service experience

Automated Meter Form

Enter as many equipment IDs as needed. Please seperate them with a comma.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the other benefits of remote diagnostic tools?

The remote diagnostic tool does more than just automate the meter reporting process. It can generally reduce your downtime and increase the productivity of your copiers and printers. When you report a technical issue or down machine, remote diagnostic tools allow our technicians to evaluate the issue remotely before coming on-site, increasing the chances we’ll have all the tools and know-how we need when we get on-site. With your permission, remote diagnostic tools allow us to remotely update firmware and sometimes even fix technical issues without ever coming on-site. Some remote diagnostic tools even allow for automated toner monitoring and proactive restocking. 

What is the cost of remote diagnostic tools? Is there an installation or subscription fee?

$0 -- you’re paying us to service your machines, and remote diagnostic tools are part of that service. You pay nothing for installation, and there is no on-going subscription fee.

How would remote diagnostic tools benefit me and my organization?

Generally, the software decreases your hands-on management of the machines -- from meter reporting to firmware installation to technical diagnosis. Diagnostic tools make your life easier -- they decrease downtime and increase the uptime and productivity of your office. In some cases, we can set up software that enables your IT department to manage your fleet internally. 

What are the security risks of having machines monitored on my network?

There are no known security risks. This software has been thoroughly tested and has gone through rigorous security protocols. Remote diagnostic tools are being used by government organizations like the CIA and FBI and by top-secret military operations. They enable your machines to talk to us through a cloud -- there’s no direct communication between your machines or network and ours; all the communication happens in the cloud.

What kind of network do I need to have to support the software?

HTTPS connection port 443 or port 25. Each manufacturer’s diagnostic tools are slightly different --some are more ideally suited to being installed on a server than individual machines. Our experts at POA will walk you through all the technical details, contact us at the form above!


  • Ricoh White Paper - link
  • Canon White Paper - link
  • Micas White Paper - link
How soon can I get it installed?

We can likely install the remote diagnostic tools and get you up and running within a week. Fill out the interest form and/or talk with your sales rep to schedule a time to discuss next steps and scheduling.