Private Cloud Unified Communications Solutions

Unified Communications for Businesses of Any Size

Maintain data security and increase productivity for your business with private cloud communication services by Pacific Office Automation. It can be difficult and expensive to upgrade traditional on-premise communication networks for many fast-growing businesses. 

Scalable cloud communications are designed to meet the needs of mid-sized and enterprise organizations experiencing growing pains and data security concerns. Our line of Mitel private cloud and VOIP products, paired with POA’s superior customer and technical support, are a cost-effective solution to improve your business’s internal and external communications.

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Unified Communications for Businesses of Any Size

Data Security: Peace of Mind

Private Cloud business communications feature all the benefits of the public Cloud, but without the potential for bandwidth disruptions, abandoned calls, or failed call routing. In addition to improved reliability, private cloud networks are highly secure. Their unique physical environment—created and managed by the organization or business it serves—can only be accessed through private, secured network links.

Private cloud communication services by POA not only gives your business improved data protection and reliability, but also fewer hassles and headaches than traditional on-premise or public cloud networks. This results in increased employee productivity and fewer sleepless nights. 

Pacific Office stands by the “five nines” philosophy for data security and communication reliability. Your business can expect less than 26 seconds of downtime per month, meaning more uptime to grow your business and be there for your customers when they need you most. While competitors offer 99.9% uptime guarantees, our 99.999% guarantee (“five nines”) can save your business over 8 hours of downtime per year.

Omnichannel Technology: Enhanced Customer Service

Give your customers and business partners the freedom to connect with your business however they prefer, whether it’s via phone, video conferencing, instant messaging or SMS, social media, and more. This omnichannel capability features real-time queue lines, so your customers can decide their preferred communication method that will save them valuable time.

With the capability to integrate your CRM system to the private Cloud, updated customer information can be assessed during support calls—including previous interactions and requests—so your employees can quickly make informed decisions that will serve your customers best. Calls can then be recorded, assessed with speech analytics, and shared team-wide to identify areas of improvement for your business’s customer interactions and ensure high-quality standards are met.

Data: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Don’t waste valuable time and money maintaining and upgrading hardware for your business communication infrastructure year-after-year. POA’s private cloud services host your network on Mitel’s MiContact data center servers, simplifying the technology side of your communications so you can focus on building customer relationships.

Pacific Office Automation’s private cloud services allow your employees to work wherever, whenever. Our line of Mitel cloud products seamlessly integrates with various mobile devices and makes communication easy for your remote team members by removing the need for a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

  • Mitel MiVoice Business

    The comprehensive business phone system that delivers high-quality service experiences for your customers. From small businesses to enterprise companies, MiVoice Business offers a reliable cloud communication platform with a centralized, easy-to-use virtual phone system that works.

    Mitel MiVoice Call Recording and Quality Management

    Analyze your business’ customer interaction and improve the quality of your customer service with MiVoice Call Recording and Quality Management. MiVoice’s automated data management keeps your files organized, secure, and in compliance with regulations for electronic communication.

    Mitel MiContact Center Enterprise

    Omnichannel cloud communication gives your customer the option of how to contact your business. Integrate MiContact with your CRM system and choose between an on-premise, hybrid, or private cloud configuration to best suit your organization.

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