On-Premise Unified Communications

On-Premise UC Solutions

Our on-premise unified communications product range creates a flexible communication solution for businesses of any size. On-site servers are readily-accessible by your business’ IT personnel to ensure your communications stay up and running—allowing your business to be in full control. Whether you need a business communication system that reuses existing wiring in your office, introduces modern VOIP technology and applications, or can integrate various communication channels, we can help.

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On-Premise UC Solutions

Fully Integrated VOIP and Omnichannel Phone Solutions

Pacific Office Automation carries the Mitel MiVoice suite to create a simplified connection between your communication devices, including desktop phones, softphones, email, and more.

With the Dynamic Extension feature, office desktop phones can be routed to your employees’ mobile phones, email, and more—ensuring a call or message from important customers and business partners are never missed.

Our omnichannel approach to office solutions gives your customers flexibility and helps them find a solution quickly, ensuring you provide the best customer service experience possible. Whether it’s by phone, SMS, email, or online chat, you can let your customers decide their preferred communication method while saving time waiting in lengthy phone queues.

Cloud services can save your customers valuable time by providing real-time queues and estimated wait times with help from our Omnichannel Contact Centers.

Flexible, Customizable, and Easy to Manage

Customization and ease of maintenance make our phone systems easy to manage, saving you time and money in the long run.

An on-premise telephony and communication platform can be an ideal solution for large organizations with only a handful of locations, such as hospitals and healthcare centers, and service support centers. Businesses with high-security needs and 24/7 communication availability are also great candidates for our on-premise solutions.

Latest Business Phone Technologies

More than just another VOIP provider, we’ll equip your staff with modern office phones with HD audio quality, auto attendant features, customizable on-hold music, Bluetooth pairing to mobile devices and headphones, and much more. Conference phones feature LCD touchscreen displays with an intuitive UI for simple functionality and 360-degree microphone pickups, designed to eliminate the stress of virtual meetings.

  • Mitel MiVoice Business

    The comprehensive business phone system that delivers high-quality service experiences for your customers. From small businesses to enterprise companies, MiVoice Business offers a reliable cloud communication platform with a centralized, easy-to-use virtual phone system that works.

    Mitel MiVoice Call Recording and Quality Management

    Analyze your business’ customer interaction and improve the quality of your customer service with MiVoice Call Recording and Quality Management. MiVoice’s automated data management keeps your files organized, secure, and in compliance with regulations for electronic communication.

    Mitel MiContact Center Enterprise

    Omnichannel cloud communication gives your customer the option of how to contact your business. Integrate MiContact with your CRM system and choose between an on-premise, hybrid, or private cloud configuration to best suit your organization.

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