Elevate Unified Communications: Beyond VOIP Phone Service

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Replace your VOIP phone system with a complete cloud-based communications service for a fully integrated office.

Increased Employee Collaboration & Productivity

With mobile integration, your employees can communicate wherever and whenever they need, all within a single system. Not only are your files safe and shareable, but screen sharing and video conferencing capabilities make it easy to share ideas and make personal connections with customers and business partners, even when working remotely.

Reliability & Continuity for Your Business

With all POA products, you can expect a superior level of customer service and support. That’s no different with our Elevate product package. POA Elevate is backed by an industry-leading network along with data centers with additional redundancies to ensure reliability. The intuitive and consistent user experience and the interface make training easy, and the proprietary networking testing tools mean no need for concern over connectivity or call quality.

Savings & Simplified Scalability

In addition to increasing productivity and reliability at your company, Elevate can help save money and simplify scaling. Elevate doesn’t require buying, installing, managing, upgrading, or replacing hardware, so your infrastructure and operating costs will be reduced. Plus, you’ll pay flat, per-user rates with no hidden fees. Adding additional services and users is easy and can be done online without a technician, so your company can avoid the usual growing pains.

Take your business to the next level with Elevate.

Communicate the way that works best for your employees: Desktop phone // Mobile // PC // Fax // Video // File Sharing

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