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Why You Can’t Overlook Security Risks with Your Multifunction Printers & Copiers

October 15, 2018

As more and more devices become “smart devices,” we the users also need to become smarter in how we’re protecting our sensitive information from hackers. In this blog, we’re laying out a few reminders for extending data security efforts to your fleet of office equipment.

The All-Knowing Printer Hard Drive

Just like computers, multifunction printers have an internal hard drive they use to store information, including copies of all documents that go through the system, whether printed, copied, scanned, or faxed.

When in Doubt, Take It Out

Many newer printers and copiers feature an option to wipe the hard drive clean when you’re ready to upgrade your equipment. This is especially important if you’re leasing or reselling your printer, as it ensures that your information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

The best way to prevent any data breaches? Simply remove the hard drive and destroy it. For healthcare and government offices especially, you’ll want to take all measures possible to remain compliant in protecting confidential information.

Hackers Can Enter Unsecured Ports

Multifunction printers commonly receive cyber-attacks on unsecured ports like Telnet and HTTP. If you don’t have a dedicated IT manager or team who can be on the lookout for threats, consider an IT management solution that can provide peace of mind through 24/7 monitoring.

Close the Door on Ransomware

When entry points are left unsecured, ransomware has an easy time finding its way into your office equipment. Some can even lay dormant in your systems until someone with proper access enters, thus allowing ransomware to travel through servers and infect more data.

Install security certificates on all your office equipment to protect data and prevent ransomware breaches.

Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

The data security experts at Pacific Office Automation understand the complexities surrounding potential threats coming through your office equipment. It’s our goal to make sure all our customers have the security solutions they need to prevent attacks before they happen. Contact us today for data security options to better protect your business.

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