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Why Wide Format Printing Will Never Die

July 24, 2018

As news and communication goes by way of digital outlets, there’s something special about wide format printing that we believe will live on through many generations. The printing industry has indeed evolved over the years, but the prevalence of wide format has remained. Here’s why we think it’s here to stay.

Rapid Industry Growth

The wide format printing market continues to grow at an average rate of 10-12% per year, based on industry reports, with larger profit margins than traditional printing. Commercial printers are increasing in value as they add digital printing to their repertoire, as equipment, technology, and training become more widely available.

Business Signage Isn’t Going Anywhere

Look around you. Every business you pass on the road has some sort of signage. These don’t just appear; the owner likely hired a commercial printer or print shop to create the signs for the business. As long as there are brick & mortar businesses, there will be a need for signage to attract customers. Sign printing is a common first step for printers to enter the industry. From there, they often move into more complex and advanced printing applications.

Specialty Print Jobs

With digital printing technology on the rise, there are more opportunities for commercial printers to expand their businesses with textile & package printing and digital finishing. Only a few companies are currently involved in these specialty print applications, but with new technology lessening barriers to entry, we’ll likely see even more wide format applications in the future.

Partner with a One-Stop Print Shop

If your small business doesn’t have the means to become its own print shop, consider partnering with an office equipment and solutions provider. Our team of experts here at Pacific Office Automation will sit down with you to understand your business needs and come up with a plan to provide solutions that meet your budget. You can even lease a printer from us to see if it’s an investment that’s worth your while. Take a look at our lineup of wide format printers to get started.

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