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Why Employee Appreciation Matters and 5 Easy Ways to Try It

February 25, 2019

Employee Appreciation Day is coming up on March 1! Among a majority of workers, employee appreciation is the key to greater motivation and retention. And, it doesn’t have to be a major gesture to be meaningful.

How do you recognize and thank your employees? Remember, this shouldn’t just be reserved for one day out of the year. Below, note these five easy ways to show employee appreciation year-round.

Simple Thanks & Recognition

A simple verbalized “Thank You” might mean a lot more to an employee than you’d expect. It’s often just the extra motivation he or she needs to push through the day-to-day and work that much harder. Consider also handwriting thank you notes and dropping them on employees’ desks for jobs well done.

Team Meals or Snacks

Who can turn down a hosted meal or surprise office snacks? If budget allows, take an employee out for lunch to celebrate a completed project, achieved goal, or special occasion. Or, bring treats into the office periodically as a way to boost team morale.

Special Team Events

Start annual traditions that your team can look forward to each year. This could include a holiday outing, summer BBQ, or even something as simple as a weekly or monthly morning coffee mixer. We send our top-performing sales reps on an annual trip to somewhere warm, doubling as both an incentive and reward!

Make Time for New Opportunities

Even when employees have fulltime responsibilities, it’s important to encourage them to explore the areas and roles they’re interested in. Managers can help foster connections with departments across the company for cross-training and education; or, they can nominate employees to represent the company at industry events and conferences.

Create a Space for Appreciation

Team leaders should set an example for employees by creating a culture of appreciation. This can be as easy as setting aside time during meetings for employees to share personal wins and shout-outs for others. Fostering this culture of positive recognition within the group can not only encourage the team to work harder, but it can also have a major effect on overall morale.

Props to POA Employees

Here at POA, our teams have created a culture of growth that provides opportunities for each employee to have an impact no matter their seniority level. With their hard work, we’ve grown to 25+ locations across the West and continue to add more ambitious professionals to our teams! If you’re in the market for a rewarding career, we want to meet you! Discover careers at Pacific Office Automation today.

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