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When is the Right Time to Upgrade Office Printers & Copiers?

December 24, 2018

For many established businesses, upgrading office equipment might be low on the list of priorities. However, at a certain point, outdated office equipment can affect how teams operate, including their efficiency and overall performance. So how do you know when you should make that upgrade? Continue reading to find out.

Has employee efficiency decreased?

Look around; are your teams taking longer to do the same tasks? Could this be tied to printers or copiers that are slowing or breaking down? When time is money, it’s important to make sure that office equipment can keep up, bringing the business more profit rather than costs.

Are you needing more printer and copier service?

If you’ve been making more calls for printer repairs and service lately, it may be time to replace your old equipment for newer models. Rather than continuing to spend time and money repairing your outdated printers, using that money instead to make a few upgrades might make more sense.

What makes the most financial sense?

Not all businesses can afford the investment in brand new printers or copiers. In this instance, leasing a printer might be the smarter option. You’ll still be able to enjoy the latest technology without requiring the major expense upfront.

Have your business needs outpaced your equipment’s abilities?

Can your office equipment keep up with a growing business, increasing number of employees, and advanced processes? Especially if your print and copy volume has increased, it may be time to consider an equipment upgrade.

Buy or Lease Office Equipment

When it’s time for your office to upgrade to a new set of printers or copiers, call in the experts at Pacific Office Automation. We’ll help you assess your needs and provide our recommendation for the best equipment to move your business forward. That’s how we can help you say, “Problem Solved.”

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