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What You Need to Know About Data Security in Mobile Printing

February 05, 2018

What was a non-issue just five years ago has become a major challenge for large and small businesses everywhere. As fewer people work from central offices and more people work remote, businesses now face data security risks from more sources.

As Mobile Workforces grow, can data security keep up?

With rising numbers of freelance workers and remote employees, mobile security risks also increase. This poses a challenge for companies who hire remote workers, as there’s less control over networks employees use to work. When employees print from a laptop or smartphone, data security threats multiply.

Secure Printers

Many new printers from leading manufacturers offer features to enhance data security for mobile printing. Several printer drivers now provide an extra layer of security by requiring the user to enter a unique PIN on the machine before it finishes the job. This method of “pull printing” typically provides a full audit trail should a security breach take place.

How Can You Prevent Security Breaches in Mobile Printing?

Many organizations just see printers as they are—office equipment—but do not realize the significant risks associated with printing from outside the office.

  • Rather than allowing remote employees to print from any Wi-Fi printing app, establish a process for secure printing through specific sources.
  • Invest in the latest office equipment that offers extra authentication features for printing.
  • Consider implementing data encryption if your business hasn’t already done so.

Protecting Your Data, From Seattle to Santa Fe

Our data security experts are dedicated to keeping your confidential information safe and secure. Whether you run a medical office in Portland or a nonprofit in San Francisco, we’ll work with you to provide solutions that work. Visit our blog to find additional resources on the data security solutions we create for businesses.

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