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What is Facilities Management?

April 14, 2016

While the "paperless office" is more achievable than ever, certain industries, such as health care and accounting, still rely heavily on physical document storage. While ideally that paper would have an effective filing system, too often documents end up in haphazard piles on desks or forgotten in unlabeled filing cabinets.

Consequently, document-intensive businesses often waste money on paper filing systems, and time sifting through documents. What's more, if documents are lost, accounting firms and health care organizations can face steep noncompliance fines.

So why are so many organizations still drowning in paperwork? Put simply, converting to a digital record management system is a time investment. Scanning all of your archived documents and navigating a document indexing system takes time, and removes you from your usual work. That's why so many organizations are using third parties to assist in their facilities management services.

Pacific Office Automation's Facilities Management service provides a comprehensive document management system that integrates all the parts of document creation into one seamless process. We think your staff should be able to file, search and share all documents in mere seconds. With sophisticated search tools, it's simple to retrieve all kinds of documents, even faxes, emails and graphics.

A records management system also offers the added benefit of data security. Protecting data is one of the biggest challenges businesses face today. An electronic records management system that can be password-protected and audited provides companies with peace of mind. What's more, most business owners will agree that the fewer hard copies of a sensitive document there are floating around an office, the better.

Facilities management services encompass several other facets to make your office processes as streamlined as possible. Pacific Office Automation can step in anywhere that an office needs help improving their current system. Some of our offerings include:

Expense recovery and allocation

  • Switchboard and reception
  • Supply and inventory management and reporting
  • Conference room management
  • Recruitment/training
  • Technology

Whatever your needs, Pacific Office Automation's team of dedicated specialists is here to help to design custom workflow solutions. We'll be with your organization every step of the way, from integration to ongoing support. Don't let paper chaos take over; let us help you manage it. Contact us today for a free workflow analysis.

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