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What are Managed IT Services?

February 25, 2016

Amid fast-changing technologies and elevated data security concerns, more companies than ever are outsourcing at least some of their IT functions. So what are managed IT services?

Employing managed IT services means that you hire an outside company to take over day-to-day management of specified IT needs. Some companies choose to outsource all of their IT functions, while others take an a la carte approach. A June 2015 CompTIA survey found that more than two-thirds of respondents had outsourced at least some of their IT functions in the last 12 months. IT services commonly hired out include backup and recovery, storage, email hosting, and customer relations management apps.

Why are so many companies using managed IT solutions? There are a number of benefits, most of them involving efficiency, reliability, security and compliance, and of course, cost. Here are some of the most common reasons companies are choosing managed IT services:

  1. You’ll be taking a proactive vs. reactive approach to IT. A managed IT service provider will be monitoring and anticipating your IT needs before problems arise. Plus, you can rest assured that you’ll have the latest system updates.
  2. You can save money by paying a flat monthly fee instead of paying for IT help by the hour for troubleshooting and repair.
  3. The cost of maintaining your own IT infrastructure — monitoring, staff training, and the like — is significant and likely adds up to more than the monthly flat fee associated with managed services. 
  4. That money you save on daily IT maintenance can be spent on revenue-generating work. Also, if non-IT employees are regularly tasked with troubleshooting IT issues, managed services allow them to focus on their own work.
  5. You have experts dedicated to your needs who are familiar with your IT infrastructure. That means quick and easy fixes instead of the lag time associated with hiring an outside IT person who has to familiarize themselves with your IT needs before addressing any problems.
  6. There are fewer disruptions and less cost when deploying new technology. An expert can help streamline the process of getting new software or technologies up and running for employees.

In today’s world, nearly every business relies on technology. That’s why businesses can’t afford to skimp on IT management. Outsourcing IT services is beneficial to any type of business, particularly small businesses that have fewer resources to dedicate to IT support. Even a large business with an in-house IT staff can hire out some of the work if there are, for example, staffing shortages or unfamiliar system issues.

At Pacific Office Automation, our job is to solve problems. Our managed IT services can help customers take the guesswork out of IT management. We offer the full buffet of IT functions, including:

  • Server support
  • Unlimited help desk support
  • Complete computer and workstation support
  • Continuous data protection
  • 24/7 backup monitoring
  • Secure offsite data vaulting
  • Email services including security and spam filtering
  • Patch management
  • Quarterly network health reports
  • Cloud-based anti-malware protection
  • IT strategy planning

If you’re looking for an IT services provider in Portland, Denver, Boise, or Seattle, contact Pacific Office today. Whatever your needs, we can help.

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