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To Print or Not to Print: Deciding on Office Equipment

October 02, 2017

Printers, copiers, postage meters, oh my! If you're in the market for new office equipment, you may find it's a harder decision to make than you initially thought. Budget and resource considerations will need to be determined, not to mention factoring in upcoming technological advances in the world of office equipment.

In this blog, we’ll offer some tips to make your decision a little easier, whether you run a small business in Portland or a law firm in San Francisco.

Consider Compatibility

Office Needs

Don’t make the mistake of investing in a new printer or copier without first ensuring it will work with your company’s existing computer network. Additionally, if you’re forecasting growth, you’ll also have to think about whether you’ll need more than one piece of equipment.

Budget Restrictions

A new piece of office equipment can be a significant expense, especially for small businesses. While the lowest priced printer can be a tempting offer, it’s often smarter to make a strategic investment for your business in the long term.

Leasing a printer or copier is a great option for organizations that might not have the means for a major upfront expense. You’ll have access to the newest models and can upgrade your office equipment more frequently.

Consult Employees

Since employees will be the ones most often using the new office equipment, it’s important to hear about their preferences and workflows. The following questions can help narrow down the options based on employees’ needs:

  • What features on current printers do you use most?
  • What capabilities would be helpful to have?
  • How often do you need to make copies, scan, or fax documents?
  • Do you need to print in color or non-standard document sizes?

What Equipment Fits Your Office Needs?

When you’re getting closer to making a final decision, our printer experts can help you find exactly what printer is right for you. Tell us about your company and typical business activities, and we’ll match you with your office equipment soulmate.

At Pacific Office Automation, we’re here to help you say, “Problem Solved.” Contact us today for expert advice in choosing new office equipment for your Portland office.

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