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Tips for Improving Your Visibility at Work

December 31, 2018

Gone are the days when workers could thrive with their heads down, just getting the job done. With so much talent in today’s workforce, it’s becoming increasingly important to stand out and be visible in the office. In this blog, we’ll share some tips to help you get noticed.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Take initiative to share your work, current projects, and expertise to a wider audience. Ask to schedule lunch & learns, participate in department meetings, and continually share your work with your manager. The more fellow employees and managers recognize who you are and what you do, the greater opportunities you have to achieve success.

Show Your Personal Side

You’re not just a working machine; you have hobbies and interests that span beyond the office. The next time you’re in a conversation with a coworker, share more about yourself. Tell a funny anecdote from your weekend, or bond over your favorite foods during lunch. These conversations can help you stand out and be remembered as an interesting and well-rounded person.

Take on New Projects

As time and workload allows, take initiative by either supporting or picking up additional projects on top of your normal responsibilities. This shows management that you’re not only willing to go above and beyond for the company, but you’re also being proactive about working on projects you care about.

Get Involved

Make an effort to involve yourself in the company beyond just your team and daily responsibilities. Maybe there’s a book club or a group that works out together during lunch hour; by forming social connections, you’ll not only get to know peers outside of the office, but you’ll be able to grow your network. If these don’t exist at your office, take the initiative to start up a few activities.

Build Relationships

Take advantage of regularly scheduled meetings with your manager to get to know him or her and let yourself be known. Share your goals, talk about your interests, and open up to show your personality. Even better? Find an additional mentor at work who can help facilitate connections and elevate you to be a leader.

Career Development at POA

We prioritize both professional and personal development for our employees. With mentorship opportunities and team building activities, it’s our goal for each of our employees to develop a career they can be proud of. If you’d like to join one of our teams, check out more info about careers at POA.

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