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The Top 5 Tops for Stronger Office Passwords

December 17, 2018

We’ve all heard about security breaches on data from large public companies that have put credit card and other personal information at risk. The difficulty comes in knowing how these happen. The security risks also trickle down to everyday consumers; the best thing we can do to protect our information is by creating strong passwords.

Why is Robust Password Protection So Important?

As machines and artificial intelligence gets smarter, hackers are finding more ways to steal information. We can combat this by making sure our passwords are hard to guess by both humans and computers and doing so before a breach occurs. Continue reading our tips below for stronger passwords.

Make Your “Password” a Password

We should all know this rule, but it’s worth repeating: don’t use the word “password” for your password. Not only is this easy for humans to get past, but computers already run through lists of commonly used passwords to try and break into encrypted systems. Make it impossible for those computers to correctly enter your password.

Avoid Personal Information

Your best friend’s name? The city you live in? Use these in conversation, not on your online accounts. If someone has a few pieces of your information already, you might be making it much easier for them to breach other accounts and steal more data.

Extend It

A common recommendation is at least 8 characters long, but these days, the longer you can make your password, the better. Hackers often run through common words to try and break passwords, so the more random characters you can tack on, the harder it is for computers to guess it.

Take Advantage of Your Keyboard

Similarly, your password shouldn’t just include letters. Find random characters on your keyboard to mix in and use a combination of capital and lowercase letters as well as numbers.

Make Each Password Unique

Something many of us might be guilty of is using the same password across multiple online accounts. While this makes life easier for us, it also makes hacking much easier as the same password can be tested across your accounts.

Bonus Tip: Use a Password Management System

If you have trouble keeping all your passwords straight, consider using a password management system that can generate and encrypt all of your passwords under one single login. That way, you only need to remember one.

Experts in Data Security

At Pacific Office Automation, our team of data security experts works day in and day out to provide helpful and useful solutions to protect your office’s private information. For more information on password protection and cyber security, head over to this blog.

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