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The Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Fleet of Multifunction Printers for Your School

June 11, 2018

Whether you help manage a K-8 school, a high school, or both, keeping tabs on printing activity is a key component of success for students and teachers. A multifunction printer makes this a near after thought so you can focus on what matters most – creating an enriching environment for education.

1. Time & Space Savings

School offices often don’t leave much room for unnecessary items, much less multiple office machines. A multifunction printer combines a printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine into one solution. Rather than hopping amongst equipment to produce worksheets and handouts, teachers will be able to do it all at once and quickly get back to class.

2. Easier Document Sharing

When your fax server is built right in to your multifunction printer you’ll no longer need to wait for the fax machine in order to reach your recipient. Departments can now send faxes to each other electronically and choose to print only when it’s needed.

3. Greater Control Over Print Activity

When paired with a multifunction printer, managed print services are especially effective for schools, where several departments traditionally use multiple office machines throughout the day. This solution allows you to consolidate print jobs, monitor activity to identify problems proactively, share documents to the cloud, and best of all, deliver monthly printing costs in one consolidated report.

4. Resource Conservation

Many of the multifunction printers on the market today are ENERGY STAR-compliant, meaning they offer a variety of energy-saving features. By using one of these machines, your school can work to minimize unnecessary paper and ink usage, which leads us to our final point:

5. Cost Savings

Most importantly of all, an upfront investment in a multifunction printer will contribute to greater cost savings down the road for your school. With careful print management and diligence in reducing wasteful printing, this common office staple can help stretch your valuable & limited budget.

West Coast Printer Experts

The office equipment experts here at Pacific Office Automation know multifunction printers backwards and forwards; their goal is to pair you with the right machine to meet your school’s needs. Contact your nearest branch today to find out more about our tailored solutions for education.

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