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The Top 5 Printer and Copier Hacks to Boost Your Workflow

April 15, 2019

Whether it’s copying large documents or dealing with a paper jam, time spent at the printer or copier can add up. Take advantage of your office technology and get the most out of your hours at work with these printer and copier hacks.

Leverage Printer Apps

The latest office equipment offers apps and features to make printing both easier and better. Download an app for your chosen cloud storage platform (like Google Drive or Dropbox) to streamline scanning and printing directly to and from the cloud. Other apps can provide various document templates, real-time security updates, and even the weather report.

Get Ink & Toner When You Need It

Has your printer ever run out of ink right before an important presentation? That’s got to be the worst. Many of today’s top printers and copiers can alert you when ink is low so that you’ll know when and how much to order. This smarter approach to ordering office supplies helps prevent overspending on supplies that go unused.

Establish Printing Rules

Color ink is precious, but luckily, the majority of your office will likely be printing in black & white. To prevent unnecessary or accidental color printing, set up rules on printers and copiers to restrict the use of color ink only to specific teams or individual users. That way, you’ll have better control over resources and unforeseen costs.

Protect Information with Pull Printing

Have you heard of pull printing? This process prevents documents from being left on the printer tray by holding them in the server until the user is ready to print it out. In doing so, pull printing prevents excess paper waste and prying eyes on unguarded documents. Plus, the print job can be password protected for an extra level of security.

Install Managed Print Services

When in doubt, managed print services will provide the IT expertise needed to boost productivity and prevent printing problems before they arise. In fact, some of these printer hacks come included with print management services!

Whatever size your office, the experts at POA are here to help with your workflow management. Contact us today for customized office solutions.

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