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The Power of Print: Why Some Things are Better Off on Paper

August 25, 2021

Despite rapid advances in digital communications, publishing, and more, there remains something special about holding a piece of print media in your hands, whether it's a glossy magazine, letter, or stack of photos. Let's look at print's staying power in this blog post.

Old School Engagement

Despite the widespread use of smartphones, many people still look through magazines and newspapers for news and write handwritten letters to their loved ones. When you read, do you prefer to feel the pages? Print media touches more senses than digital media, making the content more memorable and effective. In direct mail for example, senders can also add personal handwritten touches such as a signature, which isn’t possible in an email.

Direct Mail Effect

The use of digital communication is not preferred by all. Because of its pervasiveness, direct mail remains an effective means of business communication. Mail delivered by direct mail is delivered to mailboxes and is viewed by real people, as opposed to email that can be easily filtered.

Send a New Audience to Your Website

In order to convert offline customers into website visitors, direct mail is the best way to reach those who do not interact with your business online. Without printed marketing materials, it can be much more difficult for businesses in certain industries to grow an online following. Integrate your marketing efforts by directing customers to your website or social media profiles from your print materials.

Don’t Forget Digital

In today’s world, an effective marketing campaign isn’t complete without a digital component. Besides visiting your website, customers are likely to seek you out on search engines and social media platforms. How can your business make the most of digital channels?

  • Invest time in social media posting & engagement.
  • Boost search engine optimization efforts for your website.

Most importantly, digital channels should match the messages you send in printed mail. That way, customers will see a consistent story no matter where they encounter your brand.

Partners in Printing

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