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The Importance of Mental Health Days

July 12, 2021

No matter how efficient or organized we think we are, everyone suffers from brain exhaustion. It’s important to step away from work when responsibly appropriate to counteract that exhaustion so that your livelihood and work will not suffer. 

Here are a few ways that taking a step away from work for a mental health day will benefit not only your personal life, but work life as well. 

Non-Effort Will Go a Long Way

When you take a mental day, it’s important to still fill the day with something as to not let your mind wander back to anxieties that required the day off in the first place. Staying present in your day and fulfilling things you want to get done is important, but we also recommend that you don’t live by any lists that you’ve made for the day. If you’re doing something planned and realize that it might not be best for the day, walk away. 

You want to intentionally stay present and fulfilled but also cognizant of staying mentally open for the day. 

Go Out

When taking a personal day, leaving your primary residence (and for some, also their work-from-home office) is a highly effective way to calm any anxieties or brain stresses. Remove yourself from the place where work gets done. Going out for a walk, running low-friction errands, having a swim, or other calming activities that you enjoy are perfect for this type of mental getaway. 


When you decide what to do on your mental health day, we recommend unplugging from various outlets that we often use as comfort food to get away from the daily stresses. By falling back into those distraction habits, we tend to ruminate on the very things we’re trying to get away from. 

We don’t recommend you fill your days off with copious amounts of activities like social media or entertainment-binging. Yes, playing a video game or watching a movie/TV show can be helpful at letting us “get away,” but they also have the potential to allow us to sit in our thoughts, positive, negative or otherwise. In the end, however, finding the outlet that speaks most to you and your personality type is important so that you can find the right balance. 

We hope that by taking a few of these steps into consideration, as well as looking into other low stress activities that fit your personality type, you’ll be able to take off meaningful mental days so that when you return to work, you’ll return rejuvenated.

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