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The HP Business Inkjet 2800: A Smarter Graduation Gift

July 10, 2017

We’re in the midst of high school graduation season, but what do you get for graduates who seem to have everything they need? While many high school graduates receive gifts like dorm room furnishings and photo collages, a high-quality HP printer is another great option that your college-bound student will be sure to find useful.

Enter the HP Business Inkjet 2800. This versatile printer combines the best of both worlds of laser and inkjet printers. With high-speed printing and a compact footprint, your grad can get their work done, even in a crowded dorm room.

Whether they need to print research papers or presentation posters, students can rely on this printer. The HP Business Inkjet 2800 can print any size from postcard to 13x19 poster, in full-color and on a range of paper types. Plus, if your grad happens to finish a project right before class, he or she won’t have to worry about waiting in line at crowded library printers. The Business Inkjet 2800 consistently prints 24 pages per minute in black and white, or 21 pages per minute in color. Now that’s something that’ll help students improve their productivity (and submit their work on time!).

For the most important deliverables, students can print with resolutions up to 4800x1200 dots per inch. While regular assignments might not require such high resolution, your grad can rely on the Business Inkjet 2800 to produce attractive, high quality materials for all of their classes.

Instead of a cheesy coffee mug or dorm accessories that flash the school logo, send grads off to college with a gift that’ll help them succeed. The HP Business Inkjet 2800 combines the best features of both laser and inkjet printers. Best of all, it will fit right on their desktop. Contact Pacific Office Automation to learn more about the Business Inkjet 2800 and other versatile printers from HP.

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