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Streamline Workflow Processes with an Updated Facilities Management System

March 12, 2013

Spring is upon us, which means it is time to shake off the doldrums of winter and start fresh. That might mean tackling the overstuffed filing cabinets that jam every time someone tries to open or shut them. Excessive paper not only clutters an office, it clogs up workflow processes. The time it takes to retrieve, copy, scan, fax and refile paper documents is time better spent on revenue-generating tasks. An efficient document management system will help control paper while also streamlining workflow processes, making for a more productive office.

Creating an efficient archiving strategy is a worthwhile goal, but the reality of tackling such a time-consuming task might seem daunting. But the payoff is huge – an organized office where important documents can be easily tracked and kept secure. In this case, it makes sense to turn to a records management specialist.

Pacific Office Automation has more than a decade of experience creating custom facilities management systems for document-intensive organizations. We start with a full workflow analysis before creating records management solutions that will help your business operate at its peak efficiency, from the mailroom to the copy center to the document management system.

Clearing the paper clutter is an important first step in keeping a company focused on its core business. There are a number of other ways a business can update its facilities management system to streamline workflow processes and stay better organized. POA offers a bevy of office support services that can make a huge difference for professional businesses, especially smaller firms that might not have the resources to allocate to tasks such as switchboard and reception, conference room management, expense recovery and allocation or asset tracking.

An organized office is a productive office, and an organized office can better serve its customers, too. Streamlining workflow processes to boost productivity is Pacific Office's business, and our award-winning service team can help any organization take control of its documents.

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