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Spring Cleaning: Maintenance Tips for Your Office Equipment

April 27, 2021

Around this time each year, both personal spaces and businesses alike can benefit from some form of spring cleaning. With some offices welcoming back workers, now’s never been a better time for maintenance. Here’s a list of ways we feel you and your colleagues can maintain your shared office equipment. 

Clutter and Clean

It may seem obvious, but oftentimes the most obvious solution is the one that gets lost during the daily hustle of the office space. Small, daily tidying, like a quick dust for example, can go a long way at eliminating build up that may go unnoticed until it’s too late. Large printers and other office equipment’s cooling fans generate a lot of extra dust accumulation that should be considered. 

If there’s any extra bits of paper or other loose debris around the machine, we suggest doing a quick tidy daily so that there is no second guessing your next print job. When cleaning with chemicals, we suggest finding cleaners suitable for the printer environment.

Location, Location, Location

It can sound a bit cliché, but placement and location of your office equipment is another important factor in keeping your printing space clean. You’ll want to find a place for your equipment that allows it to breathe and circulate air flow. The dust build up we mentioned earlier? Allowing breathing room will limit that dust collection. 

You’ll also want to consider sunlight from office windows in relation to your equipment. As wonderful as the sun is, it has the potential to warp plastic or taint things like toner and ink if overexposed. As a final cautionary placement, keeping office equipment away from common areas that contain food or drink will limit any accidental damage. 

Tighten it Up

Depending on the age of your equipment, we also suggest taking an extra step by double checking things like loose screws that may need a quick tightening or whether your paper trays and platters are sliding and adjusted properly. If your equipment has any major issues that might need attention, we offer a wide range of service solutions to help you keep your equipment in working order. 

Have some workers coming back to the office in the near future and need new office equipment? We can help with that by offering a free consultation. Contact us today!

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