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Manufacturer Spotlight - Ricoh USA

December 06, 2021

At Pacific Office Automation, we believe in providing our customers with the best workflow solutions for their businesses, which is why we only partner with the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. We are proud to offer products from Ricoh USA, a provider of multifunction printing devices and other related supplies.

Ricoh's award-winning products change the way companies collaborate and share information. Ricoh shares Pacific Office Automation's vision of providing easy-to-use office solutions that streamline workflow and help businesses succeed. 

Ricoh's document management and IT systems ensure business-critical documents are always easy to locate, so employees can be more productive and focus on the core business.

Ricoh’s printing equipment consistently produces printshop-quality documents at incredible speeds. Ricoh's printers feature built-in sensors that can detect paper misfeeds and other problems that can disrupt the workday, making products from Ricoh both efficient and stress-free. 

Like Pacific Office Automation, Ricoh is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products and related supplies. The company is an industry leader in using alternative components. Ricoh’s Green Procurement initiatives allow them to build equipment from sustainable and ethically-sourced materials. Product recycling and stewardship is a huge focus for Ricoh USA and offers free postage when recycling toner or ink cartridges. 

Every business has unique needs, and Ricoh has an answer for any business. Contact Pacific Office Automation today to find out which Ricoh product is the best fit for your document management, print production, and sustainability goals. 

Alongside products from Ricoh USA, we here at POA offer a breadth of services and products aimed to assist the growth and development of your business. See our full catalog of products as well as services like cybersecurity and IT data management

Contact us today, or discover other brands we sell and service.

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