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Showing Client Appreciation

February 11, 2016

For B2B businesses, creating customer loyalty might be your most important marketing strategy. Showing client appreciation is an art, and it’s important to be sincere, original, and thoughtful in your approach. When done well, recognizing the worth of clients can help to foster enduring relationships. Here are our top tips for building lasting relationships with clients:

  • Hold a customer appreciation event. Rent out a venue for a party, host a golf tournament, or invite customers to your business for an early-bird sale or guest speaker event.
  • Reward customer loyalty with perks like special pricing or free delivery as a way to say thank you for their repeated patronage.
  • Respond to everyone who makes contact with your business. You never know who your next big client will be, so make sure to thank vendors, and even job applicants, for their interest in your company.
  • Remember the lost art of handwritten notes. In this electronic age, a handwritten card for a birthday, thank you, or a special accomplishment will really stand out.
  • Reward referrals. Referrals are the highest compliment a customer can give you, so show your appreciation with a thank you card or small gift.
  • Be unpredictable. Yes, gifts are nice to send at Christmas or at the close of a deal, but they can also feel routine or insincere. Invite your clients out to lunch or coffee once in a while to show them that you’re interested in their business year-round.
  • Listen up. Solicit your clients’ feedback. You can do it informally with a phone call or more formally with an online survey. This shows you value their opinions and want to understand what you’re doing right and what you can improve upon.
  • Get involved with your community. Most businesses appreciate partnering with companies who participate in philanthropy; it makes them feel as if their money is positively impacting the community at large. Invite clients to fundraisers and events, and offer to match their donations if you can.

At Pacific Office Automation, we believe in treating our clients as true partners, so we can solve their business needs with custom workflow solutions. Read more about what our customers think of us, and contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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