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Save Money and Bring Specialty Print Jobs In House with a Wide Format Printer

January 03, 2013

More businesses are choosing wide format printers for their print job needs and at Pacific Office Automation, we understand why. With the ability to create posters or large, complex documents with wide-color graphics, a wide format printer can allow your company to keep print jobs in house and dramatically reduce the need to outsource printing needs. Here are some other reasons why a wide format printer might just be the efficient office solution to streamline your workflow:

Droplet Technology

Wide format printers use what is known as a droplet technology system. This droplet system means that pixels are virtually indistinguishable when printed. Users can choose from high-speed, normal, or enhanced imaging options, but expect the same sharp lines and crisp results each time. Graphics are guaranteed to be photo-quality each time you print, ensuring your marketing materials and documents will have a polished and professional feel.
Along with high-quality graphics, wide format printers produce remarkably clear text, no matter how small. Switching between graphics and text can confuse some printers, leaving text blurred or indistinguishable. Not so with a wide format printer; instead, text will always be clearly produced with the same level of crispness as images.


Integrating a wide format printer into your existing suite of office automation will immediately start saving your company time. Instead of sending documents and print jobs out for production, your company will be able to print professional materials, graphics, booklets, and posters on the spot. Most wide format printers can produce up to 15 large posters or images within an hour. Imagine the time saved and the incredible amount of professional quality materials your company could produce with a wide format printer.

To learn more about our offering of wide format printers or to get started with a free workflow analysis, contact Pacific Office Automation today! We’re here to help determine if a wide format printer is the right office solution for you.

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