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Reduce Work Distractions with These Helpful Tips

June 29, 2021

As COVID vaccinations trend upward across the country, businesses and employees are returning to work in a more flexible, hybrid-like environment. While these adjustments to the workplace are a bit more lenient, we all need to get our work done as effectively as possible. 

Here are a few strategies that you can implement to stay focused and less distracted while working at home or in the office. 

Objective-based Workday

Before your workday, try and list out at least three objectives/projects to complete by the end of each day or work week. A longer list can be made, but we recommend trying to focus on your main three tasks to help keep your day moving. Everything else is just a bonus.  

The longer the list, the less likely you are to complete it in its entirety, as there is always “the next thing.” By limiting your list to a few key objectives, you’ll provide your day or week with a clear goal, or a finality. 

So remember, when planning out your week, ask yourself which tasks are most important and treat them as such. 

Tighten Up Work  

This one may seem like it would cause even more stress, but we recommend tightening up or shortening the amount of time you work on various tasks. If we look at Parkinson’s Law, it’s believed that work will fill the need of the allotted time and that every minute extra given to a project that doesn’t need it can negatively affect the work as well as lead to unneeded distractions. 

Working with newly-adjusted deadlines that take into account the actual time it will take to finish a task will keep you focused and on top of your assignments. 

“Do Not Disturb”

Most businesses that require daily communication are utilizing other platforms beyond email to communicate with each other. Slack and Microsoft Teams are both excellent examples of useful software for work messaging, but they can also be a mighty distraction when trying to stay focused on your deadlines. 

It may seem simple, but we recommend using your preferred messaging platforms “do not disturb” or “away” functionality to assign yourself curated “office hours” so that you can focus on your important work while at the same time politely informing your colleagues when you’re available to chat or collaborate. 


Between planning out your day with only the essential tasks to providing your colleagues with transparent availability, you can hopefully plan out your days and weeks with better efficiency and less stress. 

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